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Our Services

Because every detail matters

We provide comprehensive legal services in the areas of litigation, administrative law, business/corporate law, commercial lending, business criminal law/condemnation, contracts review/drafting, due diligence, legal update, company incorporation and other legal various services.

Legal Update

Our experienced team could support your business to proceed to any legal update.

We pay attention to prepare all the necessary legal documents in respect with the process related to the regulation.

We work in collaboration with several notaries, it helps us to speedup many process of legal update and ensure an additional value for our clients.

Company Incorporation

We assist our client for the incorporation of their subsidiaries in Algeria.

Our assistance will consist on the preparation of all the necessary documents and proceed to the registrations at the level of the Algerian administrations, notably:

  • The CNRC Centre National du Registre de Commerce (The Trade Register);
  • The tax administration;
  • The social security administration;
  • The national statistic desk administration (ONS, Office National des Statistiques).

Tax Assistance

Corporate Tax 

It is crucial for our clients to know what are the tax implications that need to be considered in Algeria before starting their business, globally and specifically.

Our team is able to provide you with a corporate tax analysis to let you have:

  • An overview of the Algerian tax regulation;
  • Study the available options for tax optimization purposes;
  • Determine the basic Algerian tax compliance requirements for a Company or a permanent establishment.

Personal Tax 

This part of our assistance is specially linked to the human capital tax issues. (employee’s requirements).

Considering the signed tax treaties between Algeria and other countries and the local regulation, our service consists on providing assistance to the expatriated employees in Algeria and determine their tax residency including their tax obligations regarding the administration. (if any).

We take into account all the necessary elements to provide you with an accurate analysis reflecting the employee’s situation.

Foreign Exchanges Regulation

Generally speaking, Algerian foreign exchange rules are very strict and transfer of payments out of Algeria can raise difficulties.

Repatriation of profits derived from foreign investments realized in an Algerian company through capital contributions (capital increase) is provided by the investment law and the foreign exchange regulation and can in principle be done through dividends (or the net products of the transfer of shares or liquidation). However, no repatriation of profits is allowed in case they result of trading activities (i.e, purchase/resale).

In this framework, we could assist our client in order to be compliant with the Algerian foreign exchange regulation and provide our analysis about our client’s case.

Administrative Assistance

Our administrative assistance covers a complete service according to the client’s needs.

  • We could help our clients to prepare all kind of internal documents.
  • Drafting letters and correspondences with the administrations;
  • Preparing legal papers and formal documents;
  • Drafting simple legal documents. (excluding contracts);
  • Drafting or review resolutions, waivers, minutes, approvals of actions;
  • Coordinate with the corporate secretarial agent as necessary to ensure that all documents are properly filed, registered and updated.

Merger & Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions is a term that refers to the consolidation of companies or assets. it can include a number of different transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets and management acquisitions.

In all cases, two companies are involved and our team could assist you at all stage of the operation.

Legal Audit

Our approach of the legal audit is very specific and personalized.

Our team have a very focused approach of the legal audit to increase our efficiency and determine all the legal risks and potential litigation.

Our legal audit consists on the review of several documents and estimate what are the legal risks determining the liabilities related to your company in a detailed report including our comments and recommendations.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is crucial in case of investment, it represents the most important indicator to allow our clients to decide in the framework of their business.

Our team is able to highlight the potential legal issues using a detailed scheme.

Trademark Registration

The trademark registration is an important process to secure your business around the world, especially your corporate identity. (brand image).

Our goal is to answer your requests at different stage of your business with efficiency.

In this context, we are able to assist our client in the process of trademark registration through the Algerian administration. (The National Institute of the Intellectual Property).

Drafting & Reviewing Contracts

We could assist our clients on the preparation of different type of contracts according to their needs.

Our team could also perform a contract review in order to determine the liabilities of our clients considering the nature of the contract.

The review process consists also on making our clients compliant with the Algerian regulation and practices to avoid several risks related to a potential litigation.

Our goal is to secure valuable contracts and defend our client’s interests.

Insurance Brokerages

As part of the expansion of our services, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that our firm is actually in collaboration with an insurance brokerage firm specialized in investment and insurance advice.

The objective of this collaboration is to be able to offer our clients a wide range of services, including personalized assistance in investments and insurance. It is important for us to highlight the added value relating to the services offered by our partner.

In addition, providing a quality service is a basical standard in order to satisfy customer requests, it is crutial for us to be able to satisfy your expectations and guarantee an optimization of your allocated insurance budget with services adapted to your needs according to the risks related to you or your activities.

Our goals are :

  • To optimize your insurance conditions in all branches combined (civil liability, fire, automobile, transport, construction, agricultural risks, credit, health);
  • To establish and adapt your needs according to your needs;
  • To have insurance quotes;
  • Provide review and audit according to the contractual conditions established between the parties;
  • Provide technical advice on disputed claims (collaboration of the two firms);
  • Provide assistance in risk management.

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